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12" Kids Bikes


12in Kids Bikes for Sale

Designed for young children ranging in height from 85 to 100 cm, 12 inch kids bikes (named after its wheel diameter) are the smallest pedal bikes commonly available. Children of this age are quickly developing, so feeling comfortable and confident is essential to their safety and enjoyment. Department stores will occasionally refer to 12in kids bikes as '30cm kids bikes', an approximate metric conversion.

Materials and components

Cheaper options will feature a robust steel frame, while more premium models will often feature aluminium frames which are lighter in weight and resistant to rust. 12in bikes are typically supplied with trainer wheels and a rear coaster brake, however some brands do supply a lever-operated front brake. This feature is more commonly kept for larger 16in wheeled bikes as children of this age often lack the hand strength required to operate this type of brake.

Colour options and finishes.

Not too dissimilar to toys, kids bikes are commonly sold in gender-specific options. 12in boys bikes Boys 12in bikes will usually feature blue, red, green and black colour options. Additional accessories commonly provided on boys bikes are racing graphics and number plates. Where a uni-sex bike is desired, look to the boys versions for more neutral colour choices.

12in girls bikes Typically just a different colour to the equivalent boys versions, girls 12in bikes generally feature pinks, purples and whites. Girls bikes will often feature a few additional accessories, such as streamers and even doll baskets - which can be removed if desired. Where such accessories are not included, they are typically available for purchase at most bicycle shops.

Other Options

At BikeExchange, we're big fans of teaching children to ride with a balance bike before transitioning to a traditional kids pedal bike. A balance bike is well suited to children between the heights of 85-110cm and by the time they've mastered it, they'll likely be ready for a 16” or larger wheeled pedal bike. See our range of balance bikes.

Unsure which size bike is best for your child? Head back to our kids bike infographic for a look at other sized children's bikes.