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Bike Baskets


Bike Baskets

With a bicycle basket, you get a lot of additional storage space for little money. While rudimentary luggage baskets can be found on the cheap, but it gets a little more expensive if you buy a basket that is a little sturdier or features a click mounting system.

A click system makes it possible to attach and detach the basket with a flick of the wrist. Some click systems are lockable, so your basket is protected against theft. Bike bags and bike cases also fit into the click system, so if you need a little more luggage you are more or less set to go!

Bicycle baskets that attach with a spring clamp to the luggage rack usually have hooks or a clamp system that hold the basket on the side of the luggage rack. If in doubt about whether the basket will fit, you should measure the width of your rack before you buy a bicycle basket. There are also baskets that are bolted to the bike. If you don't plan on removing the basket any time soon, or need the most stable option on offer, this is a good option.

Basket Materials

Many bicycle baskets feature close-meshed material, so small parts don't get lost during the ride. Most bicycle baskets are made of steel or aluminium, while a plastic or rubber coating increases weather resistance and prevents your luggage and your bike from getting scratched. Some models actually look like baskets; they are often made of wicker or plastic that comes in a wicker-type look.

Many baskets have handles so that you can easily transport the basket and its contents without a bike. It doesn't matter whether it's on the bike or in the crook of your arm, low weight is always a good idea, which is why our dealers state in their advertisements what a bicycle basket weighs.

Handlebar Baskets

Would you like to keep an eye on your belongings? Then a basket that is attached to the handlebars is the right choice for you.

A firmly screwed basket is always on board and unlikely to be stolen. Conversely, a removable bicycle basket is easy to dismount, take with you to the supermarket and load there straight away. A click system makes it possible to attach or detach the basket with a push of a button. Some brackets remain screwed to the handlebars or stem, and other brackets are part of the basket. When purchasing a new basket, make sure that the basket and your gear and brake cables do not get in each other's way. Also, don't let the basket cover any lights or reflectors you run on your bike.

With handlebar baskets, it's important to observe the permitted load rating. Baskets that are too heavily loaded not only risk failing, but they also have an unfavourable effect on the steering characteristics of your bike, which can be dangerous. So if you want to take a little more with you, you should use a pannier basket or pannier bags.

Pannier Baskets

Of course, you can transport things on the luggage rack by simply clamping them in or lashing them down with a tension belt. However, there are many things that are likely to wiggle loose as JRA (Just Riding Along). The spring clip can also not be good for your bag or its contents. A bicycle basket on the luggage rack can easily avoid this problem. You can bring your bag to the office or university in style and intact or enjoy that food you're transporting that hasn't been accidentally turned into pulp.

A bicycle basket that is mounted on the rear wheel luggage rack can take a greater load than a handlebar rack. This is usually around 25 kg. However, the specified load applies if your bicycle basket sits on click rails or similar.