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Bike Chains


Bike Chains

Bike chains are among the most critical parts of any bicycle. They're made up of a series of connected links which move around the sprockets at your rear wheel, transferring power from your pedals back to the axle and helping you maintain balance while cycling. If you get the right bike chain, you will be able to achieve an efficient transfer of power and thus move as freely as possible without having to exert too much pressure on the pedals.

Bike Exchange brings together a variety of bike chains for you to choose from. These chains are available in various sizes and designs to suit your specific needs.

What should you consider before buying bike chains?

Keep the following details in mind while shopping for the ideal bike chain.

The design

Until recently, you could buy just about any bike chain for your bike. However, nowadays, different bike manufacturers are coming up with new and innovative ways of designing their drivetrains. Therefore, it is true that while a particular chain may work for your road bike, it might not be the same for your BMX or electric mountain bike. With this in mind, you need to pick a specifically designed chain for your type of drivetrain. The key is to match the chain design to that of the drivetrain.

Quality is everything

The last thing you want is to take your bike for a ride only to end up with a broken chain after a few miles of cycling. Top-quality bike chains are sturdy and robust enough to withstand immense pressure. It is also important for you to pick bike chains manufactured by reputable companies because that almost always guarantees good quality.

Your riding style

Everyone has a unique riding style, and that is why you need to realise that a bike chain that works for your friend may not be the ideal pick for your own needs. If you are the kind of person that loves riding through treacherous terrain, you need to go for heavy-duty bike chains. However, if you are a casual bike rider who enjoys riding at average speeds, you can just use a regular chain.

The cost

Bike chains are available in a wide variety of designs, and this makes it possible for you to find one that falls into your budget range. Luckily, BikeExchange brings together a collection of top-quality bike chains at some of the most competitive rates. Simply browse through our website and take your pick.

Think of maintenance

All bike chains need to be taken care of for them to continue being efficient. Think about the maintenance demands of any chain before you settle for it. In most cases, you will have to clean the chain regularly and apply some lubricant to ensure it keeps turning smoothly without incurring too much friction.

The size

The size of the chain you buy should be another factor you take into consideration. Some bikes may require short chains, while others are only compatible with longer chains. In most cases, you can shorten the length of your bike chain. If you have problems with your chain coming off all the time, it's probably because the chain is too loose and isn't holding itself in place very well. If your bike chain often gets stuck, it's probably because the chain is too tight and needs to be loosened up just a little. We can help you determine the chain size for a specific frame if you're uncertain.

How to maintain a bike chain?

You should remember that the bike chain is a perishable item, so after riding many kilometres and under various conditions, the chain will wear out. As the bike chain ages, it loses efficiency and reliability, which leads to a less enjoyable cycling experience.

Inspecting your chain regularly and replacing it when necessary is essential to maintaining the bike's performance and enhancing the lifespan of other items such as the cassette and chainrings, which can be expensive to replace.

Here are a few basic maintenance tips to help prolong the lifespan of your bike chain:

Regular cleaning: It is recommended that you clean the drivetrain of your bike regularly to increase the life of the bike chain. When riding in wet, muddy conditions, dirt and grit will collect on the drivetrain and other areas and eventually make their way to the bike chain. Pay particular attention to the bottom bracket area, seat stays, chainstays, and your bike pedals while you are cleaning it.

Use degreaser: Simply washing your drivetrain with a bike cleaner and water isn't enough. For hard-to-reach areas and chain links, a degreaser should be used to remove grime that has built up over time. It is recommended to apply a degreaser liberally to all areas of the drivetrain before washing your bike. Leave it to sit for a few minutes before thoroughly washing it off. Make sure not to apply degreaser directly to bearings (hubs and bottom bracket). After degreasing, rinse the bike with water.

Run your fingers along the links to check for rust or other damage that needs attention, such as worn pins or bushings that need replacing. After washing, dry off the chain with a clean cloth to prevent rusting.

Keep it lubricated: Bike chains can rust over time and require periodic oiling to function properly. Lubricating your bicycle chain helps prevent the rattling sound that can develop when the chain rubs against the rear wheel cogs. Additionally, properly lubricated chains do not pick up dirt and grime from the road, thereby extending their life. While there are many types of oil specifically for bike chains, a bike-specific lubricant that suits your riding conditions is recommended. Once your chain is cleaned and dry, you need to lubricate it thoroughly. Lubricant must find its way into all the links in the chain and not just be sprayed randomly.

Where can you buy bike chains near you?

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