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Bike Pumps & CO2 Cartridges


Types of Bike Pumps for Sale

Getting a flat tyre on a bike is one of the more common mechanical issues a cyclist will face. It’s often a case of when, not if, it will occur. Thankfully BikeExchange has a wide range of bike pumps and C02 cartridges available to get you back rolling. There are differences to consider when looking for a bike pump. Floor pumps are the quickest and most efficient way to pump up your tyres when at home or work, whereas C02 cartridges and hand pumps are both a fantastic and lightweight addition to any cyclists’ saddle bag or riding kit.

Floor Pumps

Floor pumps, also known as track pumps, are often solid and well built, designed for frequent use over many years. Being larger and floor based, it is much easier to add higher pressures to your tyres than that of a hand pump making them far more convenient for home, work or shop use. The hose attachment also prevents putting strain on the valve. A common issue with many hand pumps. The two most common style of valve attachments for both hand and floor pumps will usually be a clasp or screw on.

C02 Cartridges

C02 inflators are are great addition to your saddle bag along with emergency spares and can often be cheaper than catching a taxi or Uber home when you’re stranded with a flat. There are generally two different types of c02 adaptors. Basic adaptors will provide a straight shot of C02 into the tyre, whereas more expensive options will allow you control the flow of c02 into the tyre, meaning less wastage if you have a poor seal. The flow control is usually controlled by a screw attached to the nozzle at the head of the adapter.

C02 cartridges come in different sizes to suit different applications with the most common sizes being 12g, 16g and 25g. The BikeExchange blog team recently covered how to use a C02 cartridge

Hand Pumps

As their name suggests, hand pumps are handheld and ideally suited for tyres requiring lower tyre pressures or emergency roadside repairs. Hand pumps will be of similar weight, price and mobility of a C02 inflator and are easily attached to the downtube of your bike. Due to their smaller shape and tube size they are less able to move larger volumes of air therefore not as suitable at being a full time inflation option.

Want more information on the basics? Our BikeExchange Blog team has it covered, detailing how to pump up a tyre and how to fix a flat tyre