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Bike Storage & Display Stands


Types of Bike Storage for Sale:

Bike storage and display stands are great for protecting your bike from the potential damage that can occur when knocking your bike over, or leaning it up against a wall. If you’re looking for a safe, secure and efficient way to store your bike, or collection of bikes, there are a number of different storage options on offer worth considering.

Display Stands

Display stands are the most common and popular bike storage solutions available. Their popularity is due to the diverse options available from single bike stands, gravity bike stands designed to store two bikes vertically, all the way to storage racks designed to hold and display up to 6 bikes at once. Depending on the model, display stands can either be fixed in place, or remain moveable making them a versatile option for those with a changeable amount of storage space. Display stands will usually be floor based with your bike mounting by the hub or tyre. While larger Gravity Bike stands typically hold the bike by the frame.

Storage hooks and racks

Storage hooks and wall mounted racks are a great option for those working with a smaller storage space. Being wall mounted, your bike will usually be mounted by the front wheel, or frame. This will keep your bike up and out of harm's way, or allow your bike to take pride of place wherever you choose to display it. It is important to keep in mind that storage hooks and racks are a more permanent storage solution, requiring a little more planning and thought process as they cannot be moved as easily.

Most storage hooks work by hanging the bike vertical, with the wheel against the wall. Whereas storage racks often hang the bike horizontally to the ground, with the bike running the length of the wall. The latter is best in narrow spaces, but you’ll need plenty of wall space to hang multiple bikes.