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Cycling Computers


Cycling Computers Cycling computers can be reasonably simple with only a speed and distance travelled display, up to full-colour displays with navigation, a touchscreen, and voice commands. At BikeExchange, you can buy cycling computers that can support all levels of road and track riders.

If you’re starting in the sport or only need a limited amount of information, a model covering the basics will be more than enough. If you’re training for an event and need detailed information about the course so you can plan your ride, then a model with more features and detailed metrics is ideal.

How to choose a cycling computer?

Choosing a cycling computer can take time, as there are many different models on the market. Before you start looking, you may consider what functionality, performance, and compatibility you require. Modern devices can measure your heart rate, speed, and distance travelled; and some even include built-in GPS and maps. The more features you’re seeking, the more the unit will cost, but for some riders, the information provided can be invaluable.

The next stage is to choose your price range. There are many different cycling computers to choose from, including brands such as Wahoo, Garmin and Bryton. Computers come with different size screens and power options. If you use the computer for other activities, such as tracking hikes, swimming, or boating, you may wish to choose a portable computer that is not reliant on cables.

Some high-end cycling computers models use GPS to track speed and distance travelled. These units are easy to mount on your bike as all they usually require is a holder attached to the handlebars. You can find some devices that can connect using Bluetooth to connect with smart devices, and they can control music and display notifications. This type of connectivity can be excellent during training sessions, as you won’t need to stop and check your phone (or look at a watch) to see who is calling you.

What are the benefits of using a cycling computer? Why can't I use my smartphone as a cycling computer?

The best bike computer can take all your ride data and place it into an easy-to-read format. While a smartphone may complete similar tasks, there are several benefits for why you are better off using a dedicated machine to track your rides.

A cycling computer has a holder specifically designed for use while you’re on the bike. You won’t need to worry about your phone falling when you’re out riding as it can be kept secure in a bag or left at home.

A smartphone’s battery can be drained while using data and a GPS tracker. If you head out on a ride of more than a few hours, you may find your smartphone’s battery isn’t up to the job.

The screen on wireless cycle computers is designed for reading in an outdoor environment, and the displays are clear and legible at a glance.

The functions of a cycling computer are specific to riding, whereas many smartphone apps seek to cover all the bases and may miss out on essential details.

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