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Pannier Bike Racks


The most important information about the luggage rack on the bike

The weekly shopping by bike is only a pleasure if you don't have to lug everything home in your backpack. The office bag can only disappear quickly and easily in the bike basket if your bike has a luggage rack to which the basket can be attached. Doing a multi-day tour is difficult without a porter. Possibly even several luggage carriers because lowriders attached to the handlebar fork offer the opportunity to stow additional luggage on the bike.

Touring bikes usually have at least one luggage rack above the rear wheel. The same goes for most city bikes. However, purchasing a new luggage rack may become necessary if your existing one only allows a small load or has been broken or bent under the loaded loads. The permissible load is stamped on some luggage racks. If this is not the case, the instructions for use should provide information about this. Most luggage carriers that can be purchased separately can be equipped with a weight of up to 25kg. A high load capacity is vital if a child seat is attached to the luggage rack.

Another reason for purchasing a new pannier rack would be the need to use a bike basket simultaneously as a pannier. If you want to leave your bicycle basket permanently mounted on the luggage rack, your luggage rack needs a separate rod that is welded a little lower to the side of the luggage rack so that the basket and bag don't get in each other's way. The pannier bags are clipped on next to this horizontal strut, which is why it is an advantage if the pannier rack has some vertical struts because they prevent the bag from getting too close to the spokes.

If you are replacing your luggage rack, you can logically assume that the mounts for a new luggage rack are on the bike. Most luggage racks are connected to the bike's frame at four points, which has given them the name "four-point system".

Retrofit the luggage rack

If your bike has not previously had a luggage rack and you are unsure whether the necessary eyelets are available, you can either look for one or take your bike to one of our dealers. The required mounts should be found in the seat stay area and on the dropouts. Then you can choose a suitable four-point carrier. Of course, it depends on the size of your bike, the wheel size and the frame geometry, which luggage rack is the right one.

But there is also the possibility of attaching a luggage rack for bicycles that do not have a luggage rack and do not have existing eyelets. A luggage rack can then be screwed to the seat tube with a clamp. There is also a combination of both for maximum resilience. These luggage racks are attached at six points and are intended for extended tours or shopping with a lot of luggage.

Many luggage carriers have the well-known clamp bracket to fasten your cargo. If none are available, tension belts are used. If you want to switch quickly between different bags, a bicycle basket or a transport box, you can opt for a luggage rack with a rail system, which allows you to slide the luggage into a holding rail and rerelease it with a flick of the wrist. This is particularly useful for compact bags that are stowed so firmly on the bike and cannot get lost, but which you can also hang around like a handbag. You can take them with you whenever you park your bike and don't want to lose sight of your valuables.

Luggage rack for e-bikes

For all e-bike lovers, special load carriers can also hold a battery. The already mentioned lowriders are luggage racks attached to the front of the fork at a small distance from the ground. They are mainly used to transport panniers. They allow you to add around 5kg per side to your luggage. Since they are attached so low on the bike, they don't negatively affect the steering characteristics of your bike, especially if they are loaded with approximately the same weight on both sides.

Finally, a word about the material of the luggage racks: in most cases, they are made of tubular steel or aluminium. While aluminium, fortunately, has less dead weight, a luggage rack made of steel is more durable and, therefore, better suited to transporting heavy luggage over a more extended period or long distances.

Buy a luggage rack on BikeExchange

If you are looking for a replacement for your old luggage rack or would like to retrofit your bike, you will find many different luggage racks from all top brands on BikeExchange. Browse our marketplace for the best deals, order online or visit the retailer in-store and get ready.