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Sidi Cycling Shoes


Sidi is a renowned Italian brand specialising in cycling shoes, and they have been producing high-quality footwear for cyclists since 1960. Sidi was founded by Dino Signori, an avid cyclist who wanted to create a shoe that would provide better support and performance for cyclists.

Over the years, Sidi has become well-known for its innovative designs and use of high-quality materials, making its shoes popular among amateur and professional cyclists. Sidi offers various cycling shoes for disciplines, including road cycling, mountain biking, and triathlon.

Features of Sidi Cycling Shoes

One of the key features of Sidi cycling shoes is their use of advanced materials and technology. For example, many of their shoes feature a carbon fibre sole, which provides excellent stiffness and power transfer while keeping the shoe lightweight. Sidi shoes also often feature a micro-adjustable buckle or dial closure system, which allows for a precise and customised fit.

Worn by Cycling Legends

Sidi has a rich history in the cycling world, and many professional cyclists have worn their shoes over the years. Sidi shoes have been used by many Tour de France champions, including Miguel Indurain, Chris Froome, and Geraint Thomas.

In addition to their high-quality cycling shoes, Sidi offers a range of accessories and spare parts to keep them in top condition. These include replacement buckles, insoles, and heel pads.