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Tri Suits, Singlets, Shorts


Triathlon suits, or tri suits, are specialized pieces of clothing worn by triathletes during competition. These suits are designed to provide maximum comfort, performance, and aerodynamics while swimming, cycling and running.

Different Tri Suits Available

The most common type of tri suit is the one-piece suit, which covers the entire body and typically has a zipper in the front for easy on and off. Some tri suits also come in a two-piece design, which includes a separate top and bottom.

Features of Tri Suits

One of the key features of a tri suit is its aerodynamics. Tri suits are designed to be as aerodynamic as possible, which can help reduce drag and improve performance during a triathlon's cycling and running portions. This can be achieved through specialized fabrics and design elements such as aero sleeves and aero cuffs.

Another important feature of tri suits is their breathability and moisture-wicking properties. Triathlons can be gruelling endurance events, and a tri suit needs to keep the athlete cool and dry during the competition. Many tri suits are made from synthetic fabrics designed to wick moisture away from the skin and keep the athlete cool and dry during the competition.

The tri suit also has padding on the bottom called chamois. This is to increase the comfort of the athlete while cycling.

A tri suit also includes built-in storage for nutrition and hydration. This can include pockets for gels, energy bars, water bottles, and loops for attaching hydration systems.