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Triathlon Shoes


Triathlon Shoes for Sale

Whether you’re a beginner or an elite triathlete, the transitions can make or break when it comes to achieving your goals. Triathlon specific cycling shoes are designed to make the transition from the swim to the bike as seamless as possible with a range of features that differentiate them from their road cycling counterparts.

Road v Triathlon shoes

Despite looking somewhat similar, there are a number of key differences between road cycling shoes and triathlon shoes.

As Tri-shoes are often worn barefoot, they’re commonly seamless with neoprene linings and with more ventilation to minimise the chance of blistering. Triathlon shoes will also often feature a large pull-on tab at the back of the shoe and single strap design on top to quickly secure the foot in place and ease removal too.

These features ensure an efficient transition, however, there are some downsides to be aware of. The main disadvantage is that a normal road cycling shoe will provide added support and a more secure fit on the bike. There is also the issue of cost, whilst some triathlon shoes can be had for a very competitive price, they are often more expensive than equivalent road shoe options.

Triathlon shoes are just part of the package of getting serious about Triathlons. Learn more about the different types of Triathlon races and Choosing a Triathlon Bike by visiting the BikeExchange Blog.